Fah Lanna Spa 1 Hour Oil Massage

Fah Lanna is owned and managed by a group of friends who love what they do and have a passion for their local culture and arts. We enjoy providing a high level of customer service at affordable prices to make it possible for anyone to enjoy the century old Thai massage and other body treatments.
The location: Thailand, Chiang Mai
Duration: 1hour(s)
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Fah Lanna Spa
Fah Lanna Spa
Fah Lanna Spa
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The experience


・Northern Thai style massage
・Comfortable Spa environment
・Hotel transfers are included

-Important Info-

・Opening hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm
・Latest entrance: 08:00pm
・Address: 57,57/1 Wiang Kaew Road, near corner of Jabhan Road, Sripoom, Ampur Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
・How to get there: Hotel transfer within Chiang Mai old town is included. If you stay at suburban area, please come to Fah Lanna Spa by yourself

-Spa Menu-

・The Balm Massage (1hr)
The semi-solid consistency of our Massage & Body Balm provides far superior friction than massage oil with none of the handling and spillage problems. Massage & Body Balm can be smoothly applied without disrupting the flow of the massage and it will not matt body hair.

・Aromatherapy Oil Massage (1hr)
Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions

・Hot Oil Massage (1hr)
Using hot oil during massage is an excellent way to promote relaxation and sooth muscle fatigue while opening the pores and softening the skin.

・Moisturising Cream Massage (1hr)
Enjoy mind and body benefits with our silky massage cream that helps ease tension and stress while rejuvenating skin.

・Thai Herbal Ball Massage (1hr)
Thai Herbal Heat therapy uses a steamed herbal pouch (Lok Pra Kop) that is pressed over the body. A selection of herbs wrapped in a natural cotton cloth is steamed and then applied to the body to invigorate the effect on the body and mind, giving your energy levels a boost.





  • Basic Oil Massage Package
  • Hotels transfers


  • Please arrive 15 mins earlier than the appointment.
  • Please provide 2 time sessions preferable.
  • Please provide the name and the address of the hotel you're staying upon booking.

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