Thaphae Stadium Muay Thai Show

Muay Thai, the quintessence of Thailand, is a legend combat skill that reveals the wonder of Thai culture through strength and power.
The location: Thailand, Chiang Mai
Duration: 4hour(s)
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Day 1
Thaphae Stadium
Muay Thai
Muay Thai
Muay Thai
Muay Thai

The experience

- Introduction -

Thaphae Stadium was established in 1980, right in front of the famous Thaphae Gate. A fine integration of the old Thai boxing, the modern boxing and western techniques, which transform them into the unique and secure Muay Thai.

As the quintessence of Thailand, Muay Thai is famous for it's force and speed. With fluent usage of one's fist, leg, knee and elbow to create maximum power and fierce attack.

Since 2003, the stadium provide not just routine competitions and performances, but more championships which include the well-known Muay Thai Combat Competition.

Gambling is permitted inside the stadium, the amount of the highest winning bet can reach 100,000 THB, this generous prize attract lots of local participants, even children and women! They bring out their best in the hope of winning the most bountiful reward.

These combat are very much appreciated by the audience, by the end of the games, it's possible too to ask your favorite fighter for a souvenir photo.

- Notice -
・Please filled in your passport name upon ordering.
・Show time : 20:00-24:00, 6 to 7 performances every night started from Monday to Saturday. Admission at 20:00 and show starts at 21:00.
・Location : In front of the Thaphae Gate and next toTop North Hotel. If you are staying inside the Gate, you may take the tuk-tuk or walk to the stadium.

*Closed on 20-27 Oct.



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