Sriracha Tiger Zoo Entrance Pass

Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the first and only zoo known for Panthera tigris tigris, Siamese crocodile and animal performance in Thailand.
The location: Thailand, Pattaya
Duration: 10hour(s)
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Day 1
Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Crocodile Performance
Crocodile Performance

The experience


Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a large tiger pen located in Sri Racha, Chonburi Province, Thailand. Covering about 100 hectare, it is the largest tiger zoo in Asia. It holds over 300 Panthera tigris tigris, and nearly 100,000 crocodile. The Zoo was officially open to the public in April 1997 and has become an attraction that concerns itself with the protection of the environment and of the near extinction wild animal, travel and leisure.

Aside from free roam in the park, visitors would also have a wide variety of performances of tigers, crocodiles African dance, and a thrilling spectacle of tigers hunting. Visitors could even hold adorable baby tigers. What’s even more amazing is that tigers, pigs and dogs could actually get along with one another peacefully. Other performances include the taming of crocodile and elephants playing basketball.

One strict rule Sriracha Tiger Zoo has is that visitors must not feed the animals. Upon entering the park, every visitor would be told about the rule; your belongings would also be inspected to make sure that no animal feeds would be brought in. Instead of keeping visitors from feeding the animals, the reason for the regulation is to protect animals from food they shouldn’t be eating. Visitors could purchase animal feed from the manager and feed the animals under their supervision.


.Child fare applies for children between 100 and 140cm, free admission for children shorter than 100cm
.Please include your name upon purchasing
.Redeem voucher: Sriracha Tiger Zoo Pattaya ticket booth
.Opening hours: 8:00 – 18:00

-Show schedule-
Tiger show: 11:00、13:30、15:30
Crocodile show: 9:30、10:30、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、17:00
Elephant show: 11:40、14:30、16:30



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Types of Vouchers

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  • Please use the voucher on the correct reserved date and open time of the destination, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • Child price refers to those between 100cm- 140cm height. Children below 100cm enjoy free entrance fee.

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