【Delivery Vietnam】T-money Public Transit Card

Pick up the incredibly convenient T-money rechargeable smart card on your next trip to Korea and pay public transit fares in the Seoul-Gyeonggi areas as well as all major cities nationwide.
Location: Korea, All city, Jeju, Gangwon, Busan, Seoul
Duration: 1hour(s)
Guide Language:


Day 1
T-money deposits
Deposits at the service counters,convenient stores,subway stations.
How to use:
- Select your preferred language (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- Choose the right-most option (Reload transit card)
- Place your T-money card on the sensor
- Choose the amount you wish to recharge
- Insert recharge amount
- Confirm recharge balance and remove your card
T-money deposits
T-money or KKday T-money

The Experience


• Simply charge your card with a designated amount and hop around town by simply swiping rather than reaching for loose change.
• Use the T-money card all over Seoul as well as in other major cities across the country.
•Purchase KKday’s exclusive T-money card and get our limited travel guide to keep you traveling around Seoul.
• Use your T-money card for public transportation as well as small purchases at convenience stores and other selected shops.
• Conveniently recharge your card at any convenience store or subway station when you’ve spent all of your credit.
• As from today till Dec. 31, customers purchasing tickets will receive coupons to SHINSEGAE duty-free shop, worth up to KWN 60,000.

- What You Can Expect -

Your T-money card can be used all over Korea, from Seoul to Busan, Jeju to Daegu. An essential item for all types of traveler to South Korea, T-money is an inventive smart card, designed to make transportation as simple as possible during your stay in Korea. T-Money can be used on all public buses as well as the subway system in several different metropolitan cities and locations throughout the nation. With T-money, you can save the hassle of purchasing single journey subway tickets for every ride and as well as enjoying discounted prices. T-money cards can also be used in taxis, and to make basic purchases at most convenience stores.

- Important Info-

・Valid Until: No expiration
・Ticket Age Range:
- Child: 6 -12 years old
- Youth: 13-19 years old

-Additional Info-

・Delivery requires 3 days and is only available for Vietnam residents. Please provide the following information when booking:
1. Name:
2. Phone number:
3. Address:
・Children under the age of 6 may participate for free.
・Child and Youth card can be purchased at the subway service counters.



  • T-money Card
  • Postage fees

Important Booking Information

  • The voucher is valid within 50 years after purchase
  • SHINSEGAE duty-free shop event are for reference only, actual times and activities are subject to change.

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