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Japan Unlimited 4G/3G SIM Card

Access unlimited high-speed internet in Japan with your 7-day prepaid 4G/3G SIM card, exclusive to KKday.
Location: Japan, All city
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The Experience


・Enjoy unlimited 4G/3G connection while in Japan
・Mailed to your address in Taiwan
・Hotspot your device and share with fellow travelers

-What You Can Expect-

Stay connected throughout your trip with stable internet. Use the Docomo Unlimited 4G/3G SIM card to browse useful information and explore Japan.

- Important Info-

・Carrier: NTT DOCOMO
・Internet Speed: 4G/3G
・Data Limit: Unlimited
・Data Sharing: Available
・Calls & Text: Not supported
・Card Size: Nano Card; complimentary adapter card
・User's APN: umbjp.com
・Signal Coverage: Japan (reception may be weaker near mountainous areas and basements)
・Activation Date: activate the SIM Card before the expiry date shown on the packaging.
・Validity Period: 7 days once activated
e.g. the SIM Card activated on the expiry date 09/24/2017 is valid to 11:59pm, 09/30/2017

- Additional Info-

・Please check which bands your device supports. Actual performance may be affected by apps or your device
・Please insert the SIM card provided and enter the APN. Please refer to the manual for additional reference if needed
・After entering the card, the card will be accessible for a 7 day period (for instance, cards activated on September 24th will be valid until September 30th)
・Facebook, Line, WeChat Apps will still be available after inserting the new SIM card
・Internet access will be available; however, messaging or texting will not be provided
・No brand, private brands, Mione, or any unlocking systems will not be able to use this product
・Your order will be sent 2 days after purchase is confirmed (excluding non-working days or holidays)
・Shipping will take ~4 - 5 business days
・Please note the departure date and order date should be the same
・Dual SIM machines will not be able to use this card. If you would like to use this card, please provide network card slot 1 as the main access port
・System requirements: Android 4.0/iOS 8.0 or above. Please update your device to the latest version
・This SIM card is available for NTT DOCOMO internet, including Xi © and FOMA© bands, 4G LTE (Xi): Band 1 (2100 MHz)/Band 19 (800 MHz)/Band 21(1500 MHz)/Band 3 (1800MHz available for Tokyo, Nagoya, Ōsaka City); 3G W-CDMA FOMA: Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 19 (800MHz)
If your phone does not support the bands above, you may receive a poor signal or weak connection
・To use this SIM card, your system must support Xi or FOMA, and conform to the wireless Supplier Quality Standards
・The connection speed may be reduced due to location, peak period, environment
・If you are experiencing internet speed issues, please restart your phone or change your location
・Packages may not be returned after opening, so please ensure your package is as ordered before opening



  • 7-day SIM card access in Japan
  • 3-in-1 card
  • English Manual
  • Postal fee

Important Booking Information

  • Voucher is only valid for selected dates and time slots
  • Excessive video streaming or data consumption may cause slower or weaker signal
  • Signal and reception may be affected by location, weather, or the number of users
  • SIM cards are subject to availability
  • 若因手機本身不支援日本網路因素,造成旅遊期間無法順利使用SIM卡,將不予退款賠償。

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